You are All Wrong and I am Right

When it comes to Trump Russia, at this point things have become pretty binary for me.

Either the education I’ve gotten for the past two years into organized crime and counterintelligence, from people who supposedly have connections, has been a giant con and I am the equivalent of a Q-Anon conspiracist on the left…you know, engaging in ridiculous fantasies that these corrupt money launderers, mobsters, and enemies of the American people are going to jail, but basing it all on bogus information…

Or I’m right.

My friends, my family, and just about everyone but a handful of people think that I am wrong and are pessimistic in various degrees. What’s ironic is that 17 years ago I had a Geocities website called and I seem to be the most optimistic person that I know about America’s future.

Why are you so certain that there will be no hard evidence of a conspiracy between Trump and the Russians?

And when this evidence is hypothetically revealed, why are you so certain that no justice will come to those who have literally aided a hybrid war against our nation by a hostile foreign power?

Why are you so certain that America’s law enforcement agencies will allow a man to ascend to the presidency with the help of an enemy, and that he will somehow get off? That we are going to reward a presidential candidate who cheated into the presidency by not charging him with any crimes and letting him stay in office? Or that we will give him a deal and let him walk away?


God Bless America

You are basing your belief on the past, which no longer applies. You believe that this is all politics as usual. You believe that the corrupt get away with crimes. You spew the “both sides” bullshit. You believe that the Clinton impeachment was similar to what is coming.

Well, you are also basing your opinion on a total lack of knowledge and research. A complete dearth of information. Ignorance about the names of the people involved, the crimes they are accused of, and it’s frankly fucking pathetic. Many people who I thought were well-informed are simply not.

Me? I’m basing my opinion on the information I have been consuming, and that information is either true or not true.

So since I’m all in, I’m going to share some things that a new source, a former political science professor with a connection, has begun to reveal on Twitter. I’ve decided that since no one believes me anyway or cares, what do I have to lose?

26 GOP Senators and one Bernie Sanders are going to be indicted for taking Russian money

150+ GOP House members are going to be indicted for the same

Dozens and dozens of state officials, mostly GOP, are going to be indicted for the same

Jared has been wearing a wire for two years and has tapes on Trump, Junior, Eric, Prince, and Giuliani

Another White House official has worn a wire

The indicted Senators will not necessarily sit in on the impeachment trial. Impeachment is adjudicated by the Chief Justice, the only one who can allow/disqualify a Senator. He happens to hate treason, has recently given an advisory opinion on the very matter of indicted senators voting on impeachment, and he will decide which indicted Senators will sit in the impeachment trial, if any.

So everybody whining about how there won’t be enough GOP Senators to convict is wrong. Everyone whining about Pence becoming President is wrong. Everyone sniveling about how nothing will ever change is wrong.

You are all wrong. And I am right. The subtitle on was “I am always right and you are always wrong.” It sadly holds true lately.

As I told my family in the spring of 2017 as they laughed at me, it will be Shock and Awe when the Mueller report drops. Shock and awe, motherfuckers.

And in 2019, one of the last things I will do on Facebook before I delete it is to arrange a giant party for myself, paid for by my friends and family, where I am celebrated for being such a fucking genius. Keep your eye open for the invite.

Or, if I’m wrong, I’ll publicly admit it. It’s binary.

Not worried.

Cheer the Fuck Up, Trump is Done

For those who have been paying attention, there has been a lot of information thrown at us over the past two years that suggests Trump has engaged in rampant corruption, criminal activity, and even perhaps conspiring with an enemy foreign nation to subvert and win a U.S. presidential election. It has become clearer and clearer that foreign money, much of it generated through international organized crime, has been laundered through the Trump campaign and the GOP, aided by an alt-right propaganda network coordinating with major news outlets like Breitbart and Fox News to put forward an agenda that rewards the criminally corrupt and keeps the GOP in power.

But we’ve seen few consequences thanks to a complicit Republican Party and in the meantime, Trump is dismantling the pillars of democracy, burning our alliances, ceding strategic dominance to Russia and China in the Middle East, cozying up to dictators, bankrupting America while enriching his family and cronies, and covering up murders by the #BonesawMafia.

But please, cheer the fuck up everyone. Trump is done.

As far-fetched and complicated as the grand conspiracy known as RussiaGate all seems, so much of it is verifiable and backed up with evidence. And if you are about to say “but his supporters don’t care,” I don’t give a shit what a quarter of the population believes, the MAGA mouth-breathers who will never abandon him, because these traitors are all going to jail (minus those who have cooperated, because mob prosecutions require cooperation).

Call the things that I’ve been learning about “theories” all you want, but I have actually been been studying and learning about actual things that actually exist, actually researching and learning about laws, law enforcement, counterintelligence, and international organized crime thanks to the likes of @louisemensch, @20committee, @ericgarland, @Counterchekist, @LincolnsBible, @MingGao26, @TeaPainUSA, @911Corlebra777, @ninanndtito, @SpicyFiles, and @JamesFourM.

And all of it is unfolding in front of us despite it taking much longer than any of us would’ve hoped or dreamed.

This corruption and criminal activity and treason has been right out there in the open. If someone like me has been able to learn and study these things backed by ample evidence simply by reading research posted on Twitter, it means these people are CAUGHT. Who cares what the morons believe.



Especially the information network run by the alt-right, not to mention the Russian money going into religious 503c’s and the NRA which then was funneled to the Republican Party. This will ALL be exposed, and soon.

And the 1/3 of people who don’t believe that this criminal conspiracy exists will be reduced to 15% tops after the list of charges comes out, which is the natural percentage of our population who are total irredeemable scumbags anyway.

America will slowly return to being a normal country with normal laws and policies and rulers. It starts in a few days.

They are all caught. It is over for them. The only thing that I’ve been wrong about is the timeline.

If you are disappointed with the meager charges so far, it belies the obvious fact that conspiracy charges all have to be charged on the same day as to not tip off the remaining members of the conspiracy. Those are yet to come. Even though people like Mike Flynn have reduced sentences for their cooperation, that does not mean he won’t be charged with conspiracy along with others UNLESS he delivered us Trump. And 19 interviews with Mueller probably means he did.

The conspiracy arrests must happen before the report is released, so in the roughly the next six weeks we will see multiple indictments on the same day and if Don Jr. and Ivanka and Eric are spared from those indictments, it only means that the Department of Justice is negotiating a resignation from Trump in exchange for sparing his children.

In conclusion, the tide has turned and we should celebrate. From simply researching existing indictments I can give you a very plausible list of charges that Trump faces under sealed indictment:

1. Obstruction of justice

2. Campaign finance fraud

3. Criminal conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States through cyber operations that involved the staged release of stolen documents for the purpose of interfering with the 2016 president election

4. Conspiracy to commit money laundering

5. Conspiracy to commit wire fraud

6. Conspiracy to commit tax fraud

7. Conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States by attempting to hack into the computers of state boards of elections, secretaries of state, and US companies that supplied software and other technology related to the administration of elections

8. Abuse of power/malfeasance in office

9. Bribery

Plus some potential charges like Sedition (during the transition) and oh, I don’t know…Espionage. And probably 10 more. Maybe even human trafficking through Trump Inc. models and Epstein.

And I know what you are thinking. You’re thinking Pence.

I hereby strike down your cynicism and despair one last time.

Trump and Pence will be gone soon. Acting President Nancy Pelosi will steer the ship until 2020. And I will fly my newly purchased American flag with pride.

Image courtesy of @chunkled

Republicans are Rooting for the Bad Guys

I usually root for the good guy when I read books or watch movies. Do you? The good guy is often a cop, or an FBI agent, or a CIA operative. Think Lethal Weapon, or Silence of the Lambs, or The Bourne Identity. Even if the cop in the movie breaks the rules a little, they still fight for the forces of good.

But it seems like the cultural norm of viewing law enforcement as generally good is eroding, and it’s not because of Black Lives Matter or a focus on police brutality by the left. When Democrats advocate for community policing and against racial profiling, they are not labeling the cops as corrupt or tainted. They are asking cops to do their jobs better.

But the GOP, led by the likes of Sean “Scrappy Doo” Hannity and nutjob Alex Jones, have resorted to attacking Justice Department officials and the “deep state” because the President is a criminal mob boss who happens to be popular after appearing in a reality show. (But who can forget the seminal moment in Donald’s career when he had to fire both Meat Loaf AND Lil Jon?) Because of Don the Con’s popularity, Republicans support him. They figure that if 35% of Americans support a criminal, then they should too. It doesn’t help that many members of the GOP congress have taken dirty money indirectly from the Russians (i.e. Mitch McConnell, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, Lindsey Graham, John Kasich, John McCain, Dana Rohrabacher, Devin Nunes), or that there is a RICO case against the Republican Party after Paul Ryan and Reince Priebus were caught on intercepts of Sergei Kislyack’s phone agreeing to taking the dirty money.

So the rats are in the corner, but the GOP and the MAGA mouth breathers are saying that the rat catcher is tainted and corrupt. In fact, on this April day in 2018 they are about to support Trump’s firing of the rat catcher, Robert Mueller III. What they don’t realize is that Bobby Three Sticks has a dead-man switch at the ready if the treasonweasels try to shut him down. Sealed indictments become unsealed when the shit hits the fan and people will start getting arrested, including Don’s precious daughter-wife Ivanka (for partnering with criminals in Azerbaijan who work with the Iran’s Revolutionary Guard).

The GOP used to be the party that was pro-law enforcement. Nowadays, many House Republicans, along with the alt-right media, have joined the Orange Stain in condemning the Justice Department, the FBI, the CIA. They have joined him in spreading propaganda and disinformation. They have joined him in threatening the First Amendment by declaring that news organizations are “fake”. They have joined him in weakening the rule of law because Republicans hate Democrats more than they hate criminals, traitors, or Russian Intelligence officers. History is watching, you stupid bastards. You are rooting for the bad guys.

You ARE the bad guys.

Republicans Are Dumb

I spend a lot of time wondering why Republicans are so dumb. I am fascinated by how their minds “work.” I’m not talking about the Republicans from the 80’s and 90’s, those old-school normal people like my father – I’m talking about the modern-day MAGA mouth breathers who seem to have dominated the party ever since…oh…the black dude was elected President.

Republicans are dumb

Why did these idiots complain about the stimulus package in 2009 when the economy collapsed, then complain about the slow recovery, then claim that Donald Drumpf was responsible for the eventual recovery merely two months into his term? Why did they say that 5% unemployment didn’t accurately reflect reality under Obama but take credit for it under Dolt45? Why did they bring our legislative branch to a halt only to complain about how government sucks? Why did they think that IRS agents would come to their door to demand Obamacare tax penalties? Why did they think that Obama and Hillary were coming for their guns?

Because Republicans are dumb.

Why did they think that Mexico would pay for a border wall to keep out Mexicans? Why do they yell at Indian Sikhs for being terrorists? Why do they side with traitors past and present, crying like snowflakes to defend Confederate monuments while demanding that football players stand for the flag? Why did they think it was funny to make a reality show star the leader of the free world just to “shake things up?” Why do they watch Fox News, which is under FBI investigation for spreading Russian propaganda?

Because Republicans are dumb.

Why do they use “whataboutism” counter-arguments for just about fucking everything in the public discourse, a known Soviet propaganda technique? Why did their political party accept money from Russian oligarchs? Why do they think that, just because Democrats are saying the same words that came out of their mouths like “this president is an embarrassment” and “he is trampling on the Constitution” that it makes this current total shit show just “politics as usual”? Why do Republicans defend a President who obstructed justice on national television and whose son admitted to conspiring with the Russians to win the 2016 election?

Because Republicans are dumb.

These idiots came out of the woodwork to bray like lobotomized donkeys when Donald Trump was elected. Thanks to them, we have Nazis killing innocent people in the streets of America. We are on the brink of nuclear war in Asia via Twitter. We are the embarrassment of the world.

Thanks, you dumb Republican motherfuckers.

Donald Trump Will Resign So He Can Have Some Sex

Donald Trump has probably not had sex in at least 72 days. After all, he’s constantly flanked by Secret Service and will get busted if he smuggles a 19 year-old Russian model into Mar-A-Lago. At his age, he may not be into actual sex anymore, but I’m sure it kills him that he can no longer defile and humiliate young girls like he used to. Because of this, and a mountain of other clues suggesting that Donnie never wanted the job of President, I think he will resign.

While observing the outrageous things he has said and done, I have been saying for at least a year that either A) Donald Trump was purposely trying to lose the election or B) He suffers from Frontotemporal Dementia (is crazy). Here are a few reasons why I think he wanted to destroy his chances (and thereby take himself off the hook to serve Vladimir Putin’s interests) to win the election:

  • He retweeted and liked tweets by white supremacists and KKK members
  • He called Mexican immigrants rapists
  • He mocked a disabled man
  • He mocked a Vietnam POW, John McCain, for getting captured
  • He called a sitting U.S. Senator “Pocahontas”
  • He said “there was blood coming out of her – wherever” about Megyn Kelly
  • He mocked Carly Fiorina for her appearance
  • He mocked Heidi Cruz for her appearance
  • He accused Ted Cruz’s father of killing John F. Kennedy
  • He said he wanted to punch protesters in the face
  • He asked Russia to hack his opponent’s emails
  • He threatened that his supporters would riot if the Republican Convention was contested
  • He threatened to jail his opponent if he won the election
  • He said that a judge had no credibility because he was Mexican

Alas, to everyone’s surprise, he won anyway (with the help of a Russian disinformation campaign).

I believe it is still true that he does not want the job, even after winning the Presidency. Did you see how fucking scared he looked after he won?

Donald Trump will resign

I think that the day after the election, Donald knew that his presidency would not last because of the evidence against him for colluding with the Russians and laundering their money through his campaign. He has continued to act in a self-destructive way that makes no sense, and I believe it’s because he knows it’s just a matter of time before it all comes crashing down. I bet he is trying to make as much money as possible for himself and his family before the release of banking records that show transfers of Russian money, or transcripts of his team making deals with the Russians, or a tape of him getting peed on in the Moscow Ritz-Carlton. My evidence?

  • He resisted using Air Force One, saying his own plane was better​
  • He tried to install his own security staff instead of Secret Service
  • He goes to Mar-A-Lago or Trump Tower almost every weekend
  • He filled his cabinet with Generals (setting up the conditions for a coup)
  • He appointed a friend of Putin to Secretary of State
  • He accused a previous President of the United States of a felony, in writing
  • He gave up on repealing Obamacare after 17 days
  • He continues to watch 6 hours of television per day minimum
  • He continually tells lies
  • He is committing obstruction of justice with Rep. Devin Nunes
  • Reports are emerging (per Claude Taylor and Paul Brandus) that Trump is weighing options that include resigning

In the words of Donald Trump, many people are saying that his gigantic ego will prevent him from resigning. However, it won’t prevent him from lying about a fake heart attack or stroke after cutting a deal with Pence for a presidential pardon. Besides, the idiots who say that Donald Trump will never resign are the same idiots who don’t believe there is overwhelming evidence of collusion with the Russians and laundering their money through his campaign.

Whether that evidence comes out in total is really up to Donald. If he resigns, he might be able to prevent some of it from getting released. And the sooner he resigns, the sooner he will get to see some naked Russian boobies.