#RussiaGate Explained in 10 Tweets by Seth Abramson

Journalist Seth Abramson has broken down the #RussiaGate scandal in 10 tweets, each with supporting documents. For the sake of easy reading, I have compiled it all here.

To those who delight in calling me a conspiracy theorist: One day I will rub this in your fat faces.

1) Trump’s pro-Russia-appeasement foreign policy platform dropped on April 27, 2016. It was crafted by Richard Burt, a lobbyist for Russia’s Gazprom Co. Supporting Doc

2) Gazprom is Earth’s largest natural gas company. It & Putin wanted Trump to drop Russian sanctions to facilitate a lucrative new pipeline. Supporting Doc

3) The Steele Dossier says Putin offered Trump “brokerage” of 19% of Rosneft Oil in exchange for dropping sanctions on Russia. Trump sent Carter Page, his top Russia adviser & an advisor to Gazprom, to Moscow soon after the RNC. There Page met with Igor Sechin of Rosneft. Supporting Doc Supporting Doc

5) Five months of contact between Sergey Kislyak, Flynn, Sessions, Kushner (&c) got the deal done in December. Putin sold 19.5% of Rosneft. Supporting Doc

6) The extra 0.5% ($281 mil.) was the “brokerage.” Reuters says the full list of buyers is hidden–one of them is surely a Trump shell corp.  Supporting Doc

7) Manafort & others meddling w/ the GOP’s Russia platform & Flynn, Sessions, & Kushner meeting w/ Kislyak both relate to this quid pro quo. Supporting Doc

8) Trump sold US foreign policy for money & better oil/gas access. He knew the deal depended on him winning so he knew Putin would help him. Supporting Docs (in respect to Sessions discussing Ukraine sanctions with Kislyek in a private meeting)

9) Selling US foreign policy for money is treason. So Trump & others lied about Russian contacts & hacking to cover up the deal they’d made. Judge for yourself if you think he’s lying.

10) All this is the theory behind #Russiagate. It’s not complicated. Nearly all aspects are confirmed by media reports & the Steele Dossier. Supporting Docs

BONUS) Finally, here’s what one of the best journalists in America has to say on CNN’s Page interview & #Russiagate: https://youtu.be/UQ4P0-p7zAI?t=2m20s

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