Furthur, Hiccups, and Pennsylvanians

April 3, 2011 0 Comments

THANK YOU FURTHUR for a real good time! The Althea, along with “Estimated > Eyes > Rider, Golden Slumbers > Carry That Weight were all great and I had a really, really fun time at the Petersen Events Center on 03/30/2011. LOVED IT!

I got the hiccups during the first set, however, and I knew that my entire show could be in jeopardy, since once my diaphragm gets a twitchin’, I can end up looking like a ginger version of Foster Brooks doing his drunken airline pilot bit.

I came up with an incredible idea, however. I asked my girlfriend to punch me in the stomach when I least expected it. It didn’t work at first, but let me tell you, it worked eventually. She kept ramping up the level of surprise as well as force, and sure enough, a punch to the gut is a great way to solve the hiccup problem if you don’t want to drink your beer upside down while standing in coliseum seating.

Speaking of venues, I’d like to thank the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for your hospitality once again. Thank you, unfriendly waitress in the Oakland Holiday Inn restaurant…thank you, drunken idiots on our shuttle…thank you, guy who demanded “pharmies” from me and sex from my girlfriend in the hallway of the hotel, and finally, thank you, totally unhelpful jackwagon jerkoff ladies at the hotel front desk and in Housekeeping.

There were 2 Pennsylvanians who were friendly to us during our visit, so I have to acknowledge them. Thank you, lady pouring beer on the mezzanine who made jokes and smiled. And thank you, toothless old guy pouring beer at the hot dog stand. But as for the rest of you, once again it seems like I am pissing you off by being alive. SORRY Pennsylvania. JEESH.

So, the tradition continues – I once again vow to never see a concert in Pennsylvania ever again. We’ll see how long the vow holds up this time. 😛

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