Hey Democrats: Shut Your Mouth and Do the Mission

If you walk around trashing the leadership of the company you work for, your ass is going to get fired.

If you piss and moan about your leaders while serving in the military, you will get drilled into the dirt or thrown into the brig.

To those who want Trump out of office: We are soldiers in a war.

Our mission is to defeat Trump and that will be done via the DNC choosing a candidate to run against him using a delegate process. That is the only process in place. That is the only path to victory.

Think of the DNC as our flawed General in the war we are fighting.

Troops, whether you like the candidate chosen by the delegate process and the DNC is irrelevant because you have a mission. Will you fulfill that mission? I fear that you will not.

There’s a very good chance that the candidate chosen by the DNC will be someone that I think will lose to Trump.

Will I still knock on doors for him or her? Yes.

Will I still make the calls and volunteer my time to help them beat Trump? Yes.

Will I be a good soldier? Yes.

Will I badmouth the leadership of the party I belong to and blame them for being corrupt? Will I blast my thoughts onto social media suggesting that the whole process is rigged, weakening the very foundations of our Democracy by spreading the propaganda that our elections don’t matter?

Or will I shut my fucking mouth and do the mission?

I’m going to shut my mouth and do the mission. To anybody around me who trashes the Democratic Party or trashes its leadership when their candidate doesn’t become the nominee – you are the whining pussy who will get us killed in battle.

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