My Latest Evil Prank

May 10, 2011 0 Comments

So I received a text message the other night from someone I didn’t know.  Because I am an evil man, I texted her back.  The text chat took place over the course of about four hours.  Early into this process I realized that she could be a minor and that I could be arrested, so I tried to find out whether she was a high school student through some weird statements you’ll read below.

Ashley: Hello matt its ashley

Me: Hi Ashley

Ashley: Hello

Me: How are you?? What are you doing?

Ashley: Just getting off work

Me: What are you wearing

Ashley: My jammies why

Ashley: Helloooo

Me: Sorry my ringer was turned down

Ashley: Its ok what r u doing

Me: I’m watching tv…

Me: How was work

Ashley: Busy why did u ask me what i was wearing

Me: Why is that bad?

Ashley: Its not

Me: 🙂

Me: I’m thinking about you

Ashley: Really

Me: When am I going to get to see you?

Ashley: When we set up a date

Me: I like it, I like it.  But I’m afraid that you will be turned off by some of the things from my past

Ashley: No I wont tell me about it

Me: Well, I had a really hard time growing up in my family so sometimes I’ve had trouble opening up and being vulnerable with people I’m in a relationship with…I put a wall up and I’m working on it

Me: Helloooo

Ashley: Yess ur last word was i i thought u were still typing sorry

Me: Really? I wonder why my text got cut off…

Me: Too long I guess

Me: There is one more thing you need to know about me

Ashley: Ohh

Ashley: What??? Honey

Me: Well, two things.

Me: One thing I need to tell u is that I was born with a tail.

Me: And the other thing I need to tell you is that this isn’t Matt. You have the wrong number. Haha

Ashley: Who is this

Me: I am the man who was born with a tail

Ashley: Ur matt right

Ashley: Helloooo

Me: So you are OK with me being born with a tail, baby?

Ashley: I think it would be cute cn i see a pic

Me: Haha I had it removed.

Me: Do you think it is fair the way people treat each other in high school?

Ashley: No why

Me: Was it easy for you?

Ashley: How am i supposed to belive u

Ashley: No

Me: People made fun of me

Ashley: Well i have a little secret myself i have three nipples is that ok

Me: That’s totally hot

Ashley: What did they say

Ashley: Do u think its weird

Me: No baby

Ashley: U must be a wild animal lol

Ashley: What did they say too u

Me: They used to call me Lawrence Tail-or

Ashley: Ohhh ur joking

Me: No, they also yelled that my tail was probably longer than my dong

Me: Oh Ashley

Me: Won’t you touch my tail or maybe my dong?

Me: Listen, we have to end this bit–I’m tired and have to get to bed.  Write back something where you are really mad at me for messing with you and we can wrap this up, OK?

Me: I love you Ashley

Ashley: Wiggle wiggle night night

Me: 🙂

Ashley: Luv u to

Me: By the way, I murdered my younger brother when I was twelve

Ashley: Yes if u joking thats not funny so I dont belive u have a tale and ur crazy im done talking to u bye

Me: Nooooooooo

Ashley: Yesssssssssss

Me: Oh Ashley

Ashley: What matt


Me: Wiggle wiggle night night?  I mean, I couldn’t write comedy better than that, you three-nippled gullible little dumb-dumb

Ashley: Who r u then

Ashley: U dumb enough to belive i had three nipples u ass

Me:  Haha, touche Ashley, touche

Ashley: Ur a dick dont text me back

Ashley: Ur stupid

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  1. I’ll pay $5 if you can get a picture of that 3rd nipple from her. Just saying – I’m writing a bathroom reader book called Dukes Definetly Don’t Use This Book To Wipe & I’m looking for something like this. And no I don’t need a freak’n tail pic – it’s a family friendly book.

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