My Stupid Dog

May 6, 2010 0 Comments

I was mowing Tuesday and I decided to scrape out the underside of my mower to remove the old rotted clumps of grass.  I never expected that my stupid dog would want to eat it, so I left it piled on the driveway while I mowed the back yard.  Well, he ate a lot of it.

I got home from my brother’s later that night and my dog refused to stand.  When he did, he crumpled to the floor.  I forgot about the grass and got worried that he tore a ligament or something earlier in the day.  He refused to stand up…I stayed up late and was awake at 1AM when I noticed he had gotten up and walked over towards the front door.

What came out of his mouth looked like a combination of a football and a jellyfish.  Lots of vomiting followed, and today he is finally keeping down water.  Naturally there is nothing wrong with his leg.  This damn dog will eat anything.

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