Trump is a Loser and So Are His Supporters

Trump, the Republicans in Congress, and all of their supporters are losers. At this point, the loathsome scum who tried to steal the 2020 election while serving as president, Donald Trump, has lost 24 out of 25 of his legal challenges because he has been laughed out of court or his lawyers have been unwilling to put their licenses on the line. 

The many losers in the GOP who have chosen to still support him, including Lindsey Graham, who appears to have committed a felony by trying to get legal votes thrown out of Georgia, have proven that they are traitors to the very end. They are allowing Americans to die every day by denying the existence of this deadly pandemic, they are allowing Americans to die every day by enabling Trump to not move forward in the transition to President Biden, and these murderous motherfuckers won’t even wear masks in the Senate chamber, putting many staffers at risk on a daily basis. My wonderful Senator Sherrod Brown spoke about it here.

I learned to stop hating our Republican leaders a couple years ago because I realize that they’re only reflecting the support of their constituents.

Which means I have shifted my hatred to my fellow American citizens.

I know that unity is the goal, but I don’t want to unify with lying stupid traitors who don’t care about the deaths of Americans. People who are such losers that they deny that COVID-19 even exists, shouting at the nurses that it isn’t real as they literally die.


Losers who are screwing it up for the rest of us, and I can’t wait till we ignore them into obscurity like we did during the Obama years. Or will we even be successful at that?

Will we ever be able to tamp down the voices of insanity ever again?

I mean, Biden barely won. What is up with this place that I used to believe was better than any place else in the world?

It’s filled with shit-tons of losers. That’s what’s up

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