ASMR is Finally Cool

This is so worth the nine minutes.

I mocked ASMR in 2010 on my website and created a prank whisper video that ends with the music from Psycho and an image of Pennywise the clown. Then I started listening to ASMR videos (soft-spoken only, thank you) and still listen to them often. Everyone has called me a weirdo for loving ASMR for like, 8 years.

This video brings my love of ASMR and my hatred of Trump together in one hilarious bit from Bill Maher with help from Moby.

Croquet Tourney/Shameful Eating Binge 2009!

Here’s the deal. Croquet is cool, thanks to my cool friends, even though this year’s tournament did not bring me the wondrous praise that I got last year for playing a decent game.  Because I sucked.

The day is also one of my favorites because the food is incredible.  I think I should be bringing a dish, but do people really want me to bring some frozen Trader Joe’s appetizer just to go through the motions?  I think not.

The most memorable part of my day was watching my female friend, who was wearing a Packers sweatshirt, root for the Vikings to beat the Packers, since she described herself as a “Brett Favre fan.”

I’m confident that I’m less of a football fan than she is, but isn’t rooting against a team while wearing their sweatshirt a little messed up?